Friday, July 8, 2011

Polk County Fair pt. 1

This last weekend was an event I look forward to each and every year.
This year was one hundred and tenth Polk County fair in Fertile MN. I've personally made to 26 of them. Those of you that know me may be thinking, "but you're only 25". The reason for the discrepancy is that I count the one that happened the summer of 85'. I may not have been born yet but my mom was. But I digress. the reason I'm splitting the fair into separate blog posts is the distinct nature of the photos themselves. For the first post I decided to focus on the stunning sunset Friday night. I couldn't believe the colors. The best part about getting progressively better at photography and having better equipment is that there is little to no post processing to be done. The lead photo along with the two to follow were straight out of the camera other than the conversion from RAW to JPEG. Stay tuned throughout the next few days for more fair fun. Thanks for reading.

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