Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shooting with a 62 year old lens.

Day three, so far so good. Today I wanted to show off my 1949 Keystone Criterion A-12. I bought this camera at a garage sale this spring for 10 dollars. I'm not entirely sure if it works or not but for ten bucks it's cool enough just to have. In the mean time I decided to use a spare body cap for my Canon to function as a DIY mount of sorts. Keep reading for pics of the lens and the shots I got with it.

After twenty minutes and a pile of black plastic shavings, I had a 25mm, f:1.9 prime lens. I tried focusing and adjusting the aperture but could never get a clear image. Discouraged I set the lens aside and went to start looking for a similar tutorial online using this method. Then it struck me, maybe I had a macro lens. I immediately went to my patio door (area with the most light) and started trying to focus on the threads in the rug. I didn't get anything until I was nearly touching the rug with the lens. The following images are the result.
Care tag on the rug
 David's Eye
"A" button on my Xbox controller
 Battery indicator on my phone

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