Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long Exposures

The theme of my last post was black and white photography. The pictures in this post were taken with even less available light. The obvious answer to taking these pictures would be to lock down my aperture to 1.8 and crank the ISO to 1600.
Instead of that I chose to bust out the tripod and take everything at a minimum of 2 second exposures. Some of these were as long as 30 seconds. One thing you may notice is that none of the pictures are black and white. I chose to forgo the cliche and keep the images as true to the scene as possible. I understand that some of the pictures would probably look really sweat in black and white but someone beat me to it. These pictures were taken on and urban photo-safari with David Hastings of David Hastings Photography. Being that he posted his pictures first I was trying not to use anything he already had up. This meant that black and white was off the menu as well as a lot of my shots that were far too similar.

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