Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jed and Joe...Concentrated Sex.

I was thinking to myself, I really shouldn't do two posts in a row about art.  Then I figured that no one really reads this and I shouldn't dictate my posts according to my un-readers' opinions. So today's post is less a discussion about art and more a showcase of the true essence of what art is.
These two gentlemen are the reason cameras exist. In all seriousness, I was out at our local drinking establishment of choice which gave me photographic motivation. The problem with the combination of my camera and a bar is the utter lack of usable light. This caused me to take all my photos at the edge of its capability. The major drawback of this is the amount of noise left behind at iso 1600. I could have used the fantastic noise reduction in Lightroom 3 but instead chose to use the redeemer of nearly all photographic sins...Black and White.
For more of these and quite a few other photos of not just these two hunks but an assortment of other things, check out my flickr page at...   Thanks.

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  1. Hey Sam... Told you I would check it out. This is awesome though. I had no idea you were this good at photography. -Karl